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Synology DSM 6 and Vintage Clients

I’ve been a Synology DiskStation NAS user forĀ four years now and used them as a SMB file server which is, among other things, accessed from various vintage clients (OS/2, DOS, Windows 9x, etc.). After upgrading to DSM 6, I found … Continue reading

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Surfing Modern Web With Ancient Browsers

(note this is a guest post by Tenox) UPDATE: there is a new version released as a Web Proxy service and available for both Mac OS X and Linux. Read on here… I spend a fair amount of time working … Continue reading

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Dongle Bungle

A few weeks ago I needed a 3Com 3C589 PCMCIA network card to run Solaris on a ThinkPad Power Series 850. The Solaris PowerPC HCL only listed 3C589 and 3C589B as supported models (and no other network adapters were listed … Continue reading

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Redirectors and DOS 3.0

When attempting to determine when exactly the network redirector interface was introduced in DOS, the situation seems to be quite clear. Available literature agrees that DOS 3.1 (released in April 1985 by IBM, possibly earlier by Microsoft OEMs) was when … Continue reading

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Early Microsoft Networks

Microsoft networking technologies, often referred to as SMB and/or CIFS, have a very long history, longer than one might realize. While Microsoft’s networking products only became somewhat widespread around 1993-1994 with Windows for Workgroups, their history goes back to 1984-1985. … Continue reading

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NetWare for OS/2

NetWare for OS/2 was one of the most technically interesting products of the mid-1990s. Novell’s NetWare was long established as a file server for LANs; since NetWare/386, Novell’s NOS ran as a dedicated server which was loaded from DOS but … Continue reading

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LAN Manager vs. Windows 7

I recently spent some time trying to access disks shared by a Windows 7 machine from various versions of OS/2 (running in VMs, although that’s not really relevant). The OS/2 clients ranged from OS/2 1.3 with LAN Manager 2.1 (1991 … Continue reading

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