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The Future That Never Was

Microsoft OS/2 2.0 SDK Pre-Release 2, June 1990 In 1990, the strategic PC operating system of Microsoft and IBM was not DOS, not Windows, but OS/2. The first 16-bit OS/2 was initially released in 1987 with a reduced feature set, … Continue reading

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Synology Strikes Again

Three years ago I ran into a problem with a Synology DSM update preventing vintage SMB clients from connecting to my NAS. Now I ran into a similar but different problem. The symptom was DOS and (at least old) OS/2 … Continue reading

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LAN Manager Product Specification, 1987

Now available is the preliminary yet fairly complete product specification for the LAN Manager server and workstation from October 14, 1987. This document was available to developers months before any pre-release LAN manager code, and about a year before any … Continue reading

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LAN Manager 2.0 Primary Domain Controller

While messing around with late 1980s and early 1990s networking software, I had the need to switch a LAN Manager 2.0 server to the primary domain controller role, so that it could run the Netlogon service and I could use … Continue reading

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