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WordStar Again

While trying to work on my DOS 5.0 article, I looked at DOS 5.0 build 224 from June 1990, which is the oldest surviving beta of DOS 5.0. And the README contains the following intriguing text, which reminded me of … Continue reading

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Another witness against WordStar

Previous posts examined the question why IBM implemented the A20 hardware in the PC/AT, causing endless headaches to future PC hardware and software developers. WordStar emerged as a possible culprit, but no one would quite point the finger at it. … Continue reading

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WordStar needs address wraparound?

The CP/M compatible interface in DOS was initially documented, later forgotten, and then re-discovered every once in a while. In 1989, John Switzer described parts of the CALL 5 system call interface mechanism in a slightly hysterical article as a “back … Continue reading

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