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A House of Cards

As one step in the development of the Windows 3.x/2.x display driver, I needed to replace a BIOS INT 10h call to set the video mode with a “native” mode set code going directly to the (virtual) hardware registers. One … Continue reading

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Learn Something Old Every Day, Part VI: Backward Buffer Overwrite

A few days ago I spent far too much time debugging a largish piece of 16-bit Windows code written in assembler. I found a scenario where (fortunately fairly reproducibly) Windows crashed because the internal state of a DLL got corrupted. … Continue reading

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Recalibration Needed

The OS/2 Museum recently acquired two horribly slow old Western Digital IDE drives model WD93044-A. These were WD’s first foray into IDE hard disks, combining a rather outdated Tandon RLL drive chassis (3.5″ half-height stepper drives) with WD’s own controller … Continue reading

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It Was a Problem Back in the Day

Several years ago, I found out the hard way that old versions of DOS have trouble with hard disks with more than 17 sectors per track. To recap, DOS versions older than 3.3 may hang when booting from a hard … Continue reading

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Nobody Expects…

…the Spanish Inquisition! Well, that too, but also nobody expects that a bland, run-of-the mill Novell NE2000 NDIS driver would crash/hang just because it runs on 486 or later CPUs. I wanted to try the “basic” DOS redirector shipped with … Continue reading

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Return to Stormville

A while ago I griped about a strangely ill-behaved Intel DX79SR Stormville board. To recap, the board simply refused to take any memory in the 4th memory channel. Since then, there have been very interesting new development in the story. … Continue reading

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Those Win9x Crashes on Fast Machines…

It is well known that Win9x variants prior to Windows 98 have a tendency to crash on fast CPUs. The definition of “fast” is of course fuzzy but the problems were known to occur on AMD K6-2 processors running at … Continue reading

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Memory Trouble in Stormville

The OS/2 Museum recently acquired a genuine Intel DX79SR (Stormville) board. Together with its close siblings DX79SI (Siler) and DX79TO (Thorsby), these were the last “great” Intel motherboards, supporting the big LGA 2011 socket for the Sandy Bridge E platform—but … Continue reading

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Linux 2.4 APIC Hang

The other day I set out to install SuSE Linux 7.3 (Linux 2.4.10 kernel) in a virtual machine, primarily with the goal of evaluating if the included MARS_NWE NetWare emulator is any good. But I couldn’t get anywhere–the boot floppy … Continue reading

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EMM386 and VDS: Not Quite Working

The other day I set out to solve a seemingly simple problem: With a DOS extended application, lock down memory buffers using DPMI and use them for bus-mastering (BusLogic SCSI HBA, though the exact device model isn’t really relevant to … Continue reading

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