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IBM XENIX 1.0 Incompatibility Details

Some time¬†ago I wrote about IBM PC XENIX 1.0 and why it won’t work on 386 and later processors. Thanks to a kind reader, I’ve been able to analyze the object files used to link the kernel, and I believe … Continue reading

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IBM XENIX: One Step Forward, One Step Back

A while ago I wrote about why IBM PC XENIX 1.0 can’t work on any CPU other than a 286. But not content to leave well enough alone, I attempted to patch this version of XENIX so that it would … Continue reading

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Forward Compatibility, Landmines

Several years ago, after attempting to get a very old 286 version of Xenix running in a VM, I concluded that it was probably incompatible with any 386 and later processor. Recently I revisited this issue and examined the problem … Continue reading

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The XENIX 2.2.3 Mystery, Continued

After pondering the strange TeleDisk images of SCO XENIX 386 2.2.3 (released in 1988) and not being able to make heads or tails of it, I decided it was time to simply restore the TeleDisk images onto actual floppies and … Continue reading

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The XENIX 386 2.2.3 Mystery

On the Internets, one may find a package labeled as SCO XENIX 386 version 2.2.3 or similar, sometimes mislabeled as version 2.2.2. This is one of the very oldest operating systems designed for 386-based PC compatibles, released around June 1988 … Continue reading

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In 1984, IBM briefly flirted with XENIX, Microsoft’s variant of UNIX licensed from AT&T. ¬†Around 1983-1984, Microsoft and Intel worked on porting XENIX to the 286 processor; Intel shipped XENIX with a number of its development systems in the mid-1980s. … Continue reading

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Xenix 286 in a VM

The fixes which were included in VirtualBox 4.0.8 happen to help not only OS/2 1.x but also Xenix. The 386 versions of Xenix 2.3.x (not necessarily older versions!) should install in a VM without trouble, but the 286 versions are … Continue reading

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