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GW-BASIC Source Notes

When I learned that Microsoft released the GW-BASIC source code, I was mildly curious to find out what is or isn’t there. The short answer is that there’s a whole lot, but a lot is also missing. Spelling note: Both … Continue reading

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Not long ago the OS/2 Museum acquired a boxed copy of the IBM PC LAN Program (PCLP) version 1.3 (1988) on 3.5″ floppies. The IBM PC Network Program (1985), later renamed to the IBM LAN Program, was IBM’s first PC … Continue reading

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Those Win9x Crashes on Fast Machines…

It is well known that Win9x variants prior to Windows 98 have a tendency to crash on fast CPUs. The definition of “fast” is of course fuzzy but the problems were known to occur on AMD K6-2 processors running at … Continue reading

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