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Oldest Surviving 386 PC OS?

Four years ago, the Xenix 2.2.3 mystery cropped up (twice). The issue has been revisited and thanks to Michael Casadevall, an enthusiastic reader, came to a happy conclusion: 386 Xenix version 2.2.3 was finalized in late June 1988 (the newest … Continue reading

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UNIX Alphabet Soup

When reading historical UNIX documentation or source code, one is likely to come across various terms and acronyms that are now more or less completely forgotten, even among current developers of UNIX or UNIX-like systems. These acronyms might be the … Continue reading

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BSD Buglets

Last week I ran into two wholly unrelated problems while researching the history of BSD-derived Unix systems on PCs. Both are classics in their category and merit a closer look. Y2K Strikes Again The first issue is a very typical … Continue reading

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UNIX on the PC, 1989

For anyone interested in the history of UNIX on PCs, an article rather appropriately called UNIX Packages For The PC on page 40 of the Nov-Dec 1989 issue (#50) of Micro Cornucopia ought to be interesting. Now available in PDF on … Continue reading

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