OS/2 1.x SDK

This page presents preliminary and ancillary documentation which was part of the original MS OS/2 SDK and was not shipped with any officially released product. Publicly released information for related software may be found in this section of the library.

Microsoft OS/2 Software Development Kit

The preliminary documentation for general OS/2 programming, published starting April 1987, in PDF format. Note that the July/August 1987 documents (C User’s Guide, CodeView, Mixed-Language programming, MASM Programmer’s Guide) should be identical to those shipped with Microsoft C 5.0 and MASM 5.0; the documents are written for the DOS versions of the tools, and separate OS/2 specific update pamphlets spell out the platform specific differences.

There is a minor mystery about the SDK Editor (SDKED) User’s Guide. There are two variants with the same document number and apparently identical contents, except one is clearly labeled pre-release while the other has a part number instead.

Windows Presentation Manager

Microsoft’s preliminary Presentation Manager documentation, July 1987, in PDF format. “It is strongly recommended that the documentation be read for informational purposes only.”

Microsoft OS/2 Device Driver Kit

Microsoft’s preliminary and release documentation pertaining to OS/2 device driver development in PDF format.

LAN Manager

Microsoft’s preliminary and developer documentation for LAN Manager software.

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