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Fixing an LAPC-I

A few days ago my almost new (i.e. not quite 25 years old) Roland LAPC-I arrived. It’s essentially a MT-32 synth on a stick. I plugged it into a Pentium board, tried playing some music and… nothing. Was it perhaps not jumpered … Continue reading

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Playing Football

The Super Bowl is long over and it’s time to look at different kind of football. In Winter 1986/1987, Microsoft initiated a small skunkworks project called “Football”. The objective was to take “Sizzle”, a development branch of proto-OS/2 that would eventually … Continue reading

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ThinkPad PC Card Boot?

I have several 1990s ThinkPad laptops which all have PCMCIA slots. Some have a built-in CD-ROM and no floppy drive, and no support for CD booting. It would be rather useful to boot them from PCMCIA ATA cards, and the BIOS … Continue reading

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So This Actually Works…

In a discussion on a previous post, Richard Wells suggested that an ATI VGA Wonder-16, a 16-bit ISA VGA card, should be able to operate in an 8-bit slot. I can confirm that yes, it does: Note that the card … Continue reading

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Basement Finds

The other day I attacked an old and long forgotten 286 PC stashed away in the basement. The PC is dead because the power supply blew years ago and the motherboard has a non-standard power connector. But the case was … Continue reading

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Before OS/2 Was OS/2

After almost 30 years, several disks with ancient builds of OS/2 surfaced. In this context, “ancient” means older than the May 1987 release of the first MS OS/2 SDK. In fact these disks are so old that the one thing … Continue reading

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