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LAN Manager Product Specification, 1987

Now available is the preliminary yet fairly complete product specification for the LAN Manager server and workstation from October 14, 1987. This document was available to developers months before any pre-release LAN manager code, and about a year before any … Continue reading

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PC-NFS 3.0.1

Between a search engine and a friend, the search for PC-NFS 3.0 yielded a set of seven 360K floppy images of Sun PC-NFS 3.0.1. Hooray for the Internet, and thank you! Judging by the timestamps, PC-NFS 3.0.1 was finalized in … Continue reading

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SCO UNIX 3.2.0f, Limping Along

For the purposes of ancient TCP/IP and NFS research, I wanted to run old SCO UNIX in a VM. I was able to run XENIX with TCP/IP earlier, but SCO’s NFS (provided, like the TCP/IP stack, by Lachman Associates Inc.) … Continue reading

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PC-NFS 3.0 Anyone?

I’m looking for Sun’s PC-NFS 3.0 (circa 1989), or ideally even older PC-NFS version. The ultimate goal is to get the oldest surviving x86 NFS client going in a VM; it is almost certain that the first such product was … Continue reading

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OS/2 + WebExplorer does Gmail

(This is a guest post from Antoni Sawicki aka Tenox) I think no further commends are required. Send me an email! Download here

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Taking WebExplorer for a spin in 2019

(This is a guest post from Antoni Sawicki aka Tenox) I have just released Web Rendering Proxy 4.0 beta/preview for testing. There is a little bit more technical details here. To test it out I took out WebExplorer on OS/2 … Continue reading

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PowerPC Archival

For the 0.7 persons out there who have a working IBM Power Series desktop but not OS/2, here’s the first and final release of OS/2 for the PowerPC, from December 1995, as well as a beta plus cross-development SDK from … Continue reading

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MacBook Memory Upgrade Hell

About a month ago I got an old 2007 white MacBook for free. It was in original condition (2.2 GHz Core 2 Duo CPU from the 65nm Merom generation, 120GB hard disk, 2GB RAM), fully functional except for a completely … Continue reading

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