Windows Library

Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit, Version 1.03

The Windows 1.03 SDK documentation, October 1986, in PDF format (not all documents available). Note that the part numbers correspond to binders and document numbers to individual manuals.

  • Welcome Leaflet
    Binder insert, no document or part number
  • Programmer’s Reference
    Document No. 050051053-103-I01-1086
    Part No. 050-150-056
  • Quick Reference (unavailable)
    Document No. 050051054-103-I01-1086
    Part No. 050-150-057
  • Programming Guide (unavailable)
    Document No. 050051052-103-I01-1086
    (included in Part No. 050-150-057)
  • Application Style Guide (unavailable)
    Document No. 050051016-103-I01-1086
    (included in Part No. 050-150-057)
  • Update to Programmer’s Reference and Programmer’s Guide
    Document No. 050051011-103-I00-1086
    Part No. 050-150-058
  • Programmer’s Utility Guide
    Document No. 050051051-103-I01-1086
    (included in Part No. 050-150-058)

Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit, Version 2.0

The Windows 2.0 SDK documentation, October 1987, in PDF format. Note that there are five separate document numbers but only three part numbers. The part numbers correspond to binders and document numbers to individual manuals.

8 Responses to Windows Library

  1. LIberty Bell says:

    Some Win 3.0-related manuals are available but unfortunately in text file form not PDF. The site it was linked from is defunct but this is the Google cache of it:
    It’s a 7-Zip file stored on MEGA:!ckEgnYzY!cVc0rEPCdEDuFlEtjBP00lz5wwchlnNysTUqqNa-_WM
    There seems to be an encoding issue with rectangles and other irregular characters.

  2. Michal Necasek says:

    That sounds like text extracted from the Microsoft Programmer’s Library CD-ROM.

  3. This was amazing to read. Thank you for sharing. Dreaming Application Style Guide for 1.0x will surface some day.

  4. @Michal Necasek: the SDK comes on CDs only since Windows 95 if I’m not wrong. I just has a look at the archive file LIberty Bell mentioned (the second link, the first is broken now), and it seems to be an original text files formatted with code page 437. Worth to keep a backup of it, by the way. Some structure documented there, are still in use nowadays.

  5. Michal Necasek says:

    I think you’re right about the SDK as such. But the documentation (as part of the Programmer’s Library) had been available in electronic form since 1988 or so.

  6. Jack says:

    Hey Michal do have Windows 1.01 Manuals? And Do Have Windows 1.01 SDK Manuals?

  7. carolyn popp says:

    I have complete sets of SDK documentation (in hardcopy) for: Windows version 1, version 2, and version 3.
    I also have documentation for CPM/86, Access Manager and Display Manager (precursors to Windows from Digital Research.

  8. Michal Necasek says:

    I’d definitely be interested in at least some of that. It might depend on how far it is and the shipping costs 🙂

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