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PC-NFS 3.0.1

Between a search engine and a friend, the search for PC-NFS 3.0 yielded a set of seven 360K floppy images of Sun PC-NFS 3.0.1. Hooray for the Internet, and thank you! Judging by the timestamps, PC-NFS 3.0.1 was finalized in … Continue reading

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PC-NFS 3.0 Anyone?

I’m looking for Sun’s PC-NFS 3.0 (circa 1989), or ideally even older PC-NFS version. The ultimate goal is to get the oldest surviving x86 NFS client going in a VM; it is almost certain that the first such product was … Continue reading

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1988 Networking: 386 XENIX

With the 3Com 3C501 EtherLink emulation in hand, I thought I’d see if it works with the SCO TCP/IP stack for SCO XENIX/UNIX. That particular stack, which actually consists of separate STREAMS and a TCP/IP packages, comes with whopping two … Continue reading

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1988 Networking: NetWare OS/2 Requester

A while ago, the question of antique NetWare OS/2 requesters came up. The oldest known surviving NetWare OS/2 Requester is version 1.2, which is designed to work with OS/2 1.2. There are clear mentions of older requesters supporting OS/2 1.1 … Continue reading

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NetWare 2.x Notes

Novell NetWare has quite a long history, but the older parts of it are now almost completely lost. In the mid-1980s, Novell offered Advanced NetWare, NetWare ELS, NetWare SFT, and other members of the NetWare 286 family. With the partial … Continue reading

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LAN Manager 2.0 Primary Domain Controller

While messing around with late 1980s and early 1990s networking software, I had the need to switch a LAN Manager 2.0 server to the primary domain controller role, so that it could run the Netlogon service and I could use … Continue reading

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Synology DSM 6 and Vintage Clients

I’ve been a Synology DiskStation NAS user forĀ four years now and used them as a SMB file server which is, among other things, accessed from various vintage clients (OS/2, DOS, Windows 9x, etc.). After upgrading to DSM 6, I found … Continue reading

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Surfing Modern Web With Ancient Browsers

(note this is a guest post by Tenox) UPDATE: there is a new version released as a Web Proxy service and available for both Mac OS X and Linux. Read on here… I spend a fair amount of time working … Continue reading

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Dongle Bungle

A few weeks ago I needed a 3Com 3C589 PCMCIA network card to run Solaris on a ThinkPad Power Series 850. The Solaris PowerPC HCL only listed 3C589 and 3C589B as supported models (and no other network adapters were listed … Continue reading

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Redirectors and DOS 3.0

When attempting to determine when exactly the network redirector interface was introduced in DOS, the situation seems to be quite clear. Available literature agrees that DOS 3.1 (released in April 1985 by IBM, possibly earlier by Microsoft OEMs) was when … Continue reading

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