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Audio Frequency Data Acquisition

Readers of this blog may have noticed that besides OS/2 software, I have interested in PC sound cards. I thought I had a decent idea about the major milestones in PC sound history, but I had to perform a few … Continue reading

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Top of the Class 478

So I have that old Intel D865PERL board, which is a Socket 478/AGP board. There’s a 3.2 GHz Northwood in it but of course I was wondering, what’s the fastest CPU this board supports? And it turns out to be a … Continue reading

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Shiniest x86 Chip

While there have been many shiny new chips in the metaphorical sense, x86 (and x87) chips have never been known to be literally shiny. The typical packaging is ceramic or some form of brushed metal, and neither of these surfaces is … Continue reading

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Getting Organized, Finally

After years of looking for a good storage solution for 386 chips, I accidentally stumbled upon it: This is a relatively modern CPU tray, designed for—I believe—Socket G processors, It turns out that old ceramic PGA 386s fit in the … Continue reading

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Capacitors, Ugh

So I’m looking at an ASUS M3A32-MVP Deluxe board that stopped working some time ago and I had no time to figure out why. The board is from early 2008, not exactly vintage hardware, or at least not just yet. It … Continue reading

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More on DXP44Q

While pondering the DXP44Q mystery again, I realized that one of my sound cards most likely could be equipped with a DXP44Q. Here’s the card: It’s a pretty standard Sound Blaster clone. Note that the OPTi 924 chips is only … Continue reading

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Seagate ST-225: Just Wow

A few weeks ago a Seagate ST-225 drive more or less accidentally landed at the OS/2 Museum. The drive is nearly 30 years old (manufactured in late 1986) and rather interestingly, this particular unit comes with a label declaring it … Continue reading

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Fixing an LAPC-I

A few days ago my almost new (i.e. not quite 25 years old) Roland LAPC-I arrived. It’s essentially a MT-32 synth on a stick. I plugged it into a Pentium board, tried playing some music and… nothing. Was it perhaps not jumpered … Continue reading

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So This Actually Works…

In a discussion on a previous post, Richard Wells suggested that an ATI VGA Wonder-16, a 16-bit ISA VGA card, should be able to operate in an 8-bit slot. I can confirm that yes, it does: Note that the card … Continue reading

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Basement Finds

The other day I attacked an old and long forgotten 286 PC stashed away in the basement. The PC is dead because the power supply blew years ago and the motherboard has a non-standard power connector. But the case was … Continue reading

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