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OS/2 2.0 LA and “Large” IDE Disks

Attempting to boot OS/2 2.0 LA (Limited Availability) on many systems built in the last 20 years often results in the following crash: The trap screen claims there was an exception (Trap 0 or division overflow) in device driver A:, … Continue reading

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Twenty Years Ago Today…

On July 24th 1993, Microsoft finalized the first release of Windows NT, labeled version 3.1 “to avoid confusion”. This was a big day for Microsoft, although the practical impact on the computer industry was not particularly big, at least not … Continue reading

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UNIX Alphabet Soup

When reading historical UNIX documentation or source code, one is likely to come across various terms and acronyms that are now more or less completely forgotten, even among current developers of UNIX or UNIX-like systems. These acronyms might be the … Continue reading

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Preserving Floppies

For many years, software was delivered predominantly on floppies. This was true especially in the world of PCs where by definition (almost) every system contained at least one floppy drive and prior to the mid-1990s and mass arrival of CD-ROMs, … Continue reading

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