UnixWare 1.0 Personal Edition

Let’s begin with the following:

Univel UnixWare 1.0 PE

First there’s the splash screen…

UnixWare 1.0 boot logo

followed by OS installation…

UnixWare 1.0 installation

and now there’s the Motif desktop:

UnixWare 1.0 Motif Desktop

There’s even DR DOS 6.0 in a window:

DOS Merge in UnixWare 1.0More about UnixWare 1.0 Personal Edition some other time. There are also a few more screenshots in this post’s gallery.




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12 Responses to UnixWare 1.0 Personal Edition

  1. abubasim says:

    That’s not Motif. It’s Sun’s old OpenWindows desktop.

  2. michaln says:

    Oops, wrong screenshot. They do look almost identical!

  3. Wow I remember Univel UnixWare this was some attempt to revitalize SYSVR4 but then it caught Novell’s eye, and gave us another episode in who owns Unix..

    It is kind of funny that Unix wound up like Commodore, so much potential, a good market but traded around by companies that never really did anything with it so it languished to to obsolescence. Just as Linux/BSD “saved” Unix, AROS is the only relevant thing left of the Amiga.

    Does this version include TCP/IP? I forget about the Univel releases, but the first novel ones were living in defiance of this ‘internet’ thing and only included IPX/SPX.. I forget how much the ‘personal’ versions were, free? cheap? but without TCP/IP it was just pointless.

    The inclusion of DOS Merge was a nice touch, and I think it was Novell that bundled in Windows 3.1 .. The only place I ever saw this in the wild was some Avaya package to be used with their old G3 phone switches.

  4. michaln says:

    It looks like the Personal Edition was IPX/SPX only. There are man pages for ipconfig/netstat/etc. but no actual binaries.

  5. Andreas Kohl says:

    The early UnixWare desktop implementation based on Motif 1.x and was called Panorama Desktop. The name of binary of the window manager should be “pmwm”.

  6. michaln says:

    I don’t know what that’s based on, but it’s wrong. UnixWare 1.0 PE uses olwm as the window manager (with a -motif or -openlook argument). Some other UnixWare version(s) may well have used pmwm (“Panning Motif Window Manager” apparently) but it was not 1.0 PE. Only olwm and the classic twm are provided with UnixWare 1.0 PE.

  7. Andreas Kohl says:

    Correct, did you manage to run UW 1.0 inside a VM? As I remember it’s possible to run UW 7 inside Virtual PC and later 7.1.3 and 7.1.4 in VMware – quite unsupported.

  8. michaln says:

    Yes, I ran it inside VM – especially since I only had installation tape images and no tape drive…

  9. robcfg says:


    The UW 1.0 Personal edition comes only with IPX. According to the manual the professional version includes both IPX and TCP/IP.

  10. Sebastian says:

    These images bring bad memories. I had almost forgotten what it was like. Thank you!

  11. Michal Necasek says:

    Now I’m curious. Do you mind sharing some of those bad memories? 🙂

  12. Andreas Kohl says:

    UNIX System Laboratories shipped Open Look 4i and Xwin for earlier releases. But for the new UnixWare product it was MoOLIT (Motif Open Look Intrinsics Toolkit) an X Toolkit Intrinsics based toolkit that supports both the Motif and Open Look look and feel through a single API. So it’s definitely not an 100% “Motif desktop”.

    MoOLIT was originally developed by UNIX System Laboratories as the interface for what later became UnixWare. It was ported by MJM Software (Melillo Consulting Inc.) to Sun, HP, and DEC Unix platforms. They enhanced MoOLIT by adding more complete Motif functionality to the toolkit.

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