PowerPC Archival

For the 0.7 persons out there who have a working IBM Power Series desktop but not OS/2, here’s the first and final release of OS/2 for the PowerPC, from December 1995, as well as a beta plus cross-development SDK from December 1994.

And there’s also the October 1995 issue of the IBM Technical Connection, chock full of fixes, drivers, manuals, product data, and support information. Looking for further editions of the Technical Connection.

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2 Responses to PowerPC Archival

  1. tenox says:

    Good stuff! I also dumped some random OS/2 PPC files in to https://archive.org/download/os2ppc

  2. MiaM says:

    Now we need a patch to this to make it run on PPC Macintosh computers, and/or perhaps the PPC based accelerator cards for Amigas 🙂

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