How Many Gravis UltraSounds?

The question came up a while ago. Just how commercially unsuccessful was the Gravis UltraSound? There appears to be no public information about the sales volume of the UltraSound. But now, looking at a sample of 3 (three) classic GUS cards, it occurs to me: Could the serial number be exactly that? I know that’s extrapolating a lot from very little.

Lots of folks put pictures of their GUSes on the Internet. Not too many show the reverse side where the S/N sticker is usually located. So let’s start with mine:

  • GUS 2.4, PCB week 47/92, S/N: K33579
  • GUS 3.7, PCB week 50/93, S/N: K103633
  • GUS 3.73, PCB week 16/94, S/N: K119146

If the serial number is a true serial number, it would mean there were somewhere upwards of 120,000 GUS Classics made, perhaps around 150,000 (in 1994, the GUS MAX took over).  The 2.4 is an early revision (2.2 was the first production rev), so it has a relatively low serial number. The 3.7 and 3.73 are fairly close to each other in age so makes sense their serial numbers wouldn’t be very far apart. The 2.4 and 3.7 are a year apart so there’d be a much bigger gap.

GUS MAX does not appear to have a real serial number. The S/N looks to be a production week/year (mine says “Serial Number 0695”).

What serial number does your GUS Classic have? With enough data, it should become apparent if the serial number looks like a simple counter incremented for each card, and it should be possible to estimate how many there were. Please list the version, the date code etched on the reverse of the PCB, the serial number, and other identifying information if it seems relevant.

Update: Older GUS MAX cards appear to have six- or possibly five-digit serial numbers in the same format as GUS Classic cards.

Update: And here is the complete list so far:

  • GUS 2.4, GF1 47/92, S/N: K24466 (eBay listing)
  • GUS 2.4, GF1 week unknown, S/N: K25871 (RK)
  • GUS 2.4, GF1 week 47/92, S/N: K33400 (eBay listing)
  • GUS 2.4, GF1 week 47/92, S/N: K33579
  • GUS 3.4, PCB week 36/93, S/N: K67727 (eBay listing)
  • GUS 3.7, PCB week 50/93, S/N: K103633
  • GUS MAX 1.8, CS4231 week 12/94, S/N: K106776 (eBay listing)
  • GUS 3.73, PCB week 16/94, S/N: K119146

So far the theory is holding, but more data is needed.

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