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The excellent last week uploaded scans of several IBM Personal Computer DOS manuals. Included are the manuals for DOS 1.0 (1982), 1.1, and 2.0, a preliminary technical reference for DOS 3.1, the DOS 3.1 user’s reference manual, and DOS 3.3 technical reference.

Note that the old DOS manual also contained programming reference information; over time, much of the content moved over to the Technical Reference, as did some of the tools (such as the linker).

At the same time also added several scans of IBM PC/XT/AT hardware references, although those have been available elsewhere—unlike the DOS manuals. The PCjr and PC Convertible technical references are a nice addition, too.

The IBM PC section of has just become significantly more complete and useful. Thanks, bitsavers!

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  1. Rauli says:

    Thanks for the note! …and DOS 4 has been added today.

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