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Windows NT BSOD Aclock Port

Do you remember the famous Windows NT Blue Screen Of Death? For years it was a source of jokes and bad reputation of Windows reliability. There even was a Blue Screen Saver! Today we fortunately see much less of it, but it … Continue reading

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Why Windows NT from October 1992 refuses to install on modern CPUs

Attempting to install the October 1992 pre-release on any CPU less than about 20 years old is likely to result in the following error message: This is similar to the behavior of the official Windows NT 3.1 and 3.5 releases, … Continue reading

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NT video miniport HD

The video miniport driver for VirtualBox has been updated. The miniport now supports a much broader range of resolutions, up to 1920×1200. Color depths of 32, 24, 16, 15, and 8 bits per pixel are supported for all resolutions, although … Continue reading

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Simple Windows NT video miniport for VirtualBox

A few months ago, I developed a trivial video miniport for use in Windows NT virtual machines. The primary goal was to improve display speed and get past the 800×600, 16 color display mode which is the maximum Windows NT … Continue reading

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Converting NT DDK/SDK PostScript documents to PDF

Pre-releases of Microsoft’s NT development tools, as well as the final NT 3.1 SDK and DDK, shipped with a full set of printable documentation in PostScript format. The PostScript book-style document were rather more pleasing to the eye than the … Continue reading

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OS/2 2.0 Limited Availability

In October 1991, IBM released OS/2 2.0 “Limited Availability” (or LA) at the Fall Comdex in Las Vegas. This was a semi-official release of 32-bit OS/2, effectively a beta version, although it wasn’t called a beta. At the same Comdex, … Continue reading

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Display Drivers, NT and NeXTSTEP

It is instructive to compare the OS/2 and 16-bit Windows display driver model with other operating systems. Why NT and NeXTSTEP? NT because it was Microsoft’s third take on a (mostly) PC operating system, and NeXTSTEP because it was an … Continue reading

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Installing Windows NT 3.x in VirtualBox

All Windows NT 3.x versions can be used in VirtualBox, although they are not officially supported (unlike all following NT versions) and no Guest Additions are provided. Furthermore, for Windows NT 3.1 and 3.5, an extra step needs to be … Continue reading

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NT and OS/2

OS/2 and Windows NT have an interesting and checkered common history. Until late 1990, the operating system eventually released as Windows NT was known as NT OS/2. Despite its name, NT had very little in common with OS/2 as it … Continue reading

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