AMD64 APM Archive Online

Thanks to Konstantin Belousov, the OS/2 Museum AMD64 APM (Architecture Programmer’s Manual) is now available online. Big thanks to blog readers who recently supplied several missing revisions of the documents.

This is a nearly complete archive of all published AMD64 APM documentation starting with April 2003, currently up to and including December 2017. Missing is Volume 2 (System Programming) revision 3.16 from June 2010 which only lasted a week or two before being replaced by revision 3.17.

Possibly missing is Volume 6 (“new instructions”) revision 3.02. Why “possibly”? Because it’s not clear if that revision was public, and chances are it was not.

Also included are several pre-release revisions from 2002, before the first AMD64 Opteron CPUs were released in April 2003. Again it is very unclear which revisions were public because the pre-release documents have no revision history. Note that the pre-release documents refer to the AMD x86-64 Architecture rather than AMD64 Architecture.

Missing manuals are always welcome!

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2 Responses to AMD64 APM Archive Online

  1. Matthew Miller says:

    I used to have a set of printed manuals for the AMD64 architecture (which were shipped to me free, due to an AMD program going on); due to some moves and events going on in my life at the time, those manuals were lost. It’s quite nice to see online versions of these show up again.

    Having said all that, your link to the archives is broken; the following is the correct link: Thanks again!

  2. Michal Necasek says:

    Fixed the link, thanks.

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