Why I Don’t Want a Laptop with a Glued-In Battery

Here’s why:

A Sick Battery

Not much to add really… in this case, the laptop wasn’t damaged because the battery simply forced its way out of the shell. If it had been glued in, it would have destroyed the case and quite possibly also the system board.

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6 Responses to Why I Don’t Want a Laptop with a Glued-In Battery

  1. Rauli says:

    That’s the modern version of motherboards with a soldered battery 🙂

  2. ender says:

    Nah, those were still fairly easily replaceable with a bit of soldering.

  3. Saulo says:

    My 2006 MacBook Pro battery looks exactly the same. It expanded at the exact same position the very same way.

  4. Michal Necasek says:

    Did the battery damage the laptop in any way? Or just self-destructed?

  5. …How on Earth did the cells in the battery rupture like that without it blowing up?

  6. Michal Necasek says:

    I honestly don’t know. What I know is that this is unfortunately all-too common with Lithium-polymer batteries. It seems to happen when a device is left unused for several months or years.

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