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Retro development with aclock

In the past few days, I embarked upon a project to port Antoni Sawicki’s aclock, a small text-based clock program (aclock stands for analog clock), to 16-bit Windows. While aclock itself has been ported to over 150 platforms, it is a … Continue reading

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What’s in a name… OS/2 or DOS?

There have been many rumors that the name “OS/2” was chosen only shortly before the product was announced. It’s not entirely clear what the name would have been otherwise, but quite likely DOS 5; certainly DOS in some form. There … Continue reading

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How to make sure your program doesn’t run on Windows 95

For Christmas, I bought myself the book The Old New Thing by Raymond Chen, a long-time Microsoft programmer. The purchase was spurred by discovering, through Google Books, an excerpt of a riveting description of how various software titles abused the DPMI … Continue reading

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DOS/V graphics text modes and scrolling

I recently ran into an interesting difference in the way various DOS/V versions manage VGA memory. DOS/V of course refers to the Japanese versions of DOS which are capable of running on standard “Western” hardware. Microsoft has a very long … Continue reading

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