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Jumpy PS/2 mouse in Enhanced mode Windows 3.x

There’s an interesting (and quite annoying) bug specific to Windows 3.x running in 386 enhanced mode (also known as Windows/386) and using a PS/2 mouse. In some situations, the mouse may jump to the top or the bottom of the … Continue reading

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Simple Windows NT video miniport for VirtualBox

A few months ago, I developed a trivial video miniport for use in Windows NT virtual machines. The primary goal was to improve display speed and get past the 800×600, 16 color display mode which is the maximum Windows NT … Continue reading

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Microsoft OS/2 1.0 user documentation

In late 1987, Microsoft shipped a set of OS/2 1.0 user documentation as part of the OS/2 SDK. The set included the Setup Guide, Beginning User’s Guide (a tutorial style document), and User’s Reference. The manuals were similar in style … Continue reading

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