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Learn Something Old Every Day, Part IX: AHA-154xB and ASPI4DOS.SYS

The other day I had a pressing “need” to examine the behavior of Adaptec 154x and compatible SCSI HBAs and their DOS drivers. I found the hard way that the AHA-154xB does not work with Adaptec’s last DOS drivers from … Continue reading

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Fake vs. Real

After discussing an Adaptec SCSI HBA that was clearly made from recycled parts and likely fake, I wanted to see what a real one looks like. It looks like this: For reference and for comparison, here’s the sketchy one: The … Continue reading

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SCSI HBA Recycling?

Several weeks ago I bought this Adaptec 39160 64-bit PCI SCSI HBA in order to experiment with different HBAs: The motivation was that although I’ve been a happy user of LSI HBAs (SCSI and SAS, PCI and PCIe) based on … Continue reading

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