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FasterModeSwitch: Is It Really?

Short answer: Yes. Before launching into the long answer, let’s recap what it even is. FasterModeSwitch is a SYSTEM.INI setting in Windows 3.1 which applies only to Standard (286) mode and can therefore be found in the [standard] section of … Continue reading

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Didn’t Expect That to Work

Once the ThinkPad T43p with a bad fan was in working shape again, I restored the preloaded software on it. Which meant Windows XP (this is a system from 2005). It didn’t take long for me to establish that XP … Continue reading

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Crazy World

After I successfully upgraded two Windows 10 VMs to the 1809 release at the beginning of October, I tried to do the same with more VMs and an actual laptop this week. But I couldn’t, no update was offered. While … Continue reading

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ThinkPad Fan

I suppose I am one, but recently I had trouble with the other kind of a ThinkPad fan. An elderly ThinkPad 43p with a 2.13 GHz CPU (Dothan Pentium M with 2MB L2 cache) and a rather nice 1600×1200 IPS … Continue reading

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