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Same Old Disk Bug

After I Kryofluxed my MS OS/2 SDK 1.01 disks, I once again tried installing the OS in a VM. While the system booted up fine, it stubbornly refused to get past FORMAT. At the end, after going through all the … Continue reading

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Microsoft OS/2 Programmer’s Guide

For once, the OS/2 Museum lives up to its name… After a long pause, a new document from the MS OS/2 SDK has been uploaded. It’s the pre-release Microsoft Operating System/2 Programmer’s Guide from April 1987. This document was part … Continue reading

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1988 Networking: 386 XENIX

With the 3Com 3C501 EtherLink emulation in hand, I thought I’d see if it works with the SCO TCP/IP stack for SCO XENIX/UNIX. That particular stack, which actually consists of separate STREAMS and a TCP/IP packages, comes with whopping two … Continue reading

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Will This Last?

The OS/2 Museum site has now moved to a completely different hosting setup (a VPS). There could well be various quirks caused by the move, although for the most part moving the WordPress setup went surprisingly (for me at least) … Continue reading

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