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More About That Strange Pentium 4

A few years ago I wrote about a strange NetBurst processor with SL7HY S-spec that landed at the OS/2 Museum. After renewed reader interest I pulled it out of the closet and tested the processor again. A collection of miscellaneous … Continue reading

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It’s Zen Time

Back in 2003, it was Hammer Time for the PC industry. My own home PCs missed the wave because I had just bought a 3.2 GHz Northwood Pentium 4, which was replaced in 2006 by a Core 2 E6600, a … Continue reading

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Synology Strikes Again

Three years ago I ran into a problem with a Synology DSM update preventing vintage SMB clients from connecting to my NAS. Now I ran into a similar but different problem. The symptom was DOS and (at least old) OS/2 … Continue reading

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