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Book Review: Inside OS/2

A Few Decades Late Book Reviews Inside OS/2, by Gordon Letwin Microsoft Press, February 1988; 302 pages, ISBN 1-55615-117-9; $19.95 Letwin’s Inside OS/2 was one of the first books devoted to OS/2. What sets Inside OS/2 apart from other OS/2 books published … Continue reading

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Phantom 3.0

As previously mentioned, the OS/2 Museum adapted the Phantom redirector example from the second edition of Undocumented DOS to demonstrate that the redirector interface was already fully implemented in the August, 1984 release of PC DOS 3.0, a fact apparently … Continue reading

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MacBook Pro with Retina display: What a letdown

I’ve been a satisfied user of MacBook Pro laptops since mid-2006, soon after the first Intel-based Macs appeared. My current system is a mid-2008 2.6 GHz 17″ MacBook Pro which I’ve been overall quite happy with. However, the Core 2 … Continue reading

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On a dark, rainy night in April 1985…

Update: Since the original document disappeared, a local copy is now provided. When researching the history of computing, from time to time an unexpected gem turns up. The copy of Ray Ozzie’s notes from a 1985 meeting with Microsoft is one … Continue reading

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