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Happy 30th Birthday!

In honor of the thirtieth anniversary of the IBM Personal Computer, the OS/2 museum started a new series of articles, this time dealing with the history of DOS—the predecessor of OS/2 and the first OS developed by Microsoft in cooperation … Continue reading

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The Danger of Knowing Too Much

A few days ago I had to look a little closer at Microsoft’s KEYB.COM because it was misbehaving in a virtualized environment. As a reminder for those readers who perhaps forgot, KEYB.COM was the DOS keyboard “driver” with support for … Continue reading

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IBM PC/AT 8042 Keyboard Controller Commands

Anyone trying to use the classic 8042-style keyboard controller (KBC) found in the IBM PC/AT and nearly all later PCs typically runs into a problem with lack of accurate documentation. The 8042 (or 8742, or any number of compatible parts … Continue reading

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