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MacBook Memory Upgrade Hell

About a month ago I got an old 2007 white MacBook for free. It was in original condition (2.2 GHz Core 2 Duo CPU from the 65nm Merom generation, 120GB hard disk, 2GB RAM), fully functional except for a completely … Continue reading

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How Apple Created Hackintosh, Part II

There is every indication that throughout the early 2000s, Apple internally built and ran all of OS X on x86 PCs (it’s also something Steve Jobs himself mentioned in 2005). Otherwise why would Apple have x86 drivers for AC’97 audio … Continue reading

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sips To the Rescue

A few days ago I scanned a document and unwisely used MS Paint on Windows 7 to touch up a small selection of the scanned pages. Once the dozen or so files were re-touched, I combined them into a PDF … Continue reading

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