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More MS OS/2 2.0

Over the last few weeks, two “new” pre-releases of OS/2 2.0 have been found in ancient warez archives. The first is OS/2 2.0 build 6.64, released in early April 1990: In general, this build is not substantially different from the … Continue reading

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Who Knew What When

When Microsoft released the unique early beta build of Multitasking DOS 4, I quickly found out that it does not run in VirtualBox: This was a bit of a surprise, because the more-or-less released versions of Multitasking DOS 4 from … Continue reading

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Learn Something Old Every Day, Part XII: Strange File Resizing on DOS

Someone recently asked an interesting question: Why do Microsoft C and compatible DOS compilers have no truncate() and/or ftruncate() library functions? And how does one resize files on DOS? OK, that’s actually two questions. The first one is easy enough … Continue reading

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