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Display Drivers, NT and NeXTSTEP

It is instructive to compare the OS/2 and 16-bit Windows display driver model with other operating systems. Why NT and NeXTSTEP? NT because it was Microsoft’s third take on a (mostly) PC operating system, and NeXTSTEP because it was an … Continue reading

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Display Drivers, OS/2 and 16-bit Windows

Not surprisingly, the display driver model of Windows 1.x/2.x/3.x and OS/2 1.x/2.x was quite similar. This was in sharp contrast to the drivers for just about every other device; while disks or network adapters already had existing drivers in DOS, … Continue reading

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Windows Presentation Manager

Any programmer even passingly familiar with the Windows and Presentation Manager APIs is aware that there are significant similarities. When other windowing APIs, such as X11 or Mac OS, are taken into consideration, Windows and the Presentation Manager look like … Continue reading

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