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Crazy World

After I successfully upgraded two Windows 10 VMs to the 1809 release at the beginning of October, I tried to do the same with more VMs and an actual laptop this week. But I couldn’t, no update was offered. While … Continue reading

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Troubled Time

This is not an article about current affairs Over the last few weeks, I had several interesting run-ins with time, specifically how time is represented and processed by computers. Deep down it’s really all about a clash of human culture … Continue reading

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Any Readers in Central Italy?

This is a very long shot, but maybe someone can help me. I’d very much like to buy a piece of used electronics for sale in Italy (L’Aquila province). Unfortunately the seller requires a local pick-up. I don’t live exactly … Continue reading

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For several years now I’ve been trying to continue the DOS history series and write (or rather finish) a DOS 5 page. While tracing the history of DOS 1.0 or 2.0 is quite difficult and the amount of source material … Continue reading

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Here’s a little story illustrating the fundamental interconnectedness of all things that I wanted to share… 1) A while ago I started researching the technology of and history behind Yamaha’s OPL2 and OPL3 FM synths (just because I was curious). 2) Sometime … Continue reading

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