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The Ultimate Museum PC

While the OS/2 Museum employs modern computers and virtualization heavily, sometimes there is a need for good old hardware—emphasis on good and old. A virtual machine won’t read 5¼” floppies and there’s no way to plug in a real Sound … Continue reading

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OS/2 Beta CDs (1994 and later)

Over time, IBM released its share of OS/2 betas. In the early days, betas were distributed on floppies, but by the time OS/2 Warp was in development, things had shifted towards CDs. After all, the choice was between one or … Continue reading

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OS/2 Easter Eggs

The 32-bit version 2.0 of OS/2 contained a hidden Easter egg with a flamingo, a boat, and development team credits. The Easter egg could be invoked by selecting the desktop (either the background or a folder) and pressing Ctrl+Alt+Shift+O. This … Continue reading

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UnixWare 1.0 Personal Edition

Let’s begin with the following: First there’s the splash screen… followed by OS installation…

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