Developer Connection 9/11/12 Anyone?

Recently I finally managed to put something on, namely images and scans of IBM’s Developer Connection for OS/2 CDs (called just IBM Developer Connection since Volume 10). My problem is that I don’t have any physical media for volumes 9, 11, and 12. I have some ISOs but especially Vol 12 is very incomplete.

Can anyone help with providing either media scans and ISOs or the physical media?

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  1. Andreas Kohl says:

    Do you need only the original DevCon Volume 9 (4 CDs +2 CDs LAN) or also the updated CD 3 & 4 from the later Special Edition. The original package from DevCon DDK also included a CD-ROM with XR_W017 (January 1996).

  2. Michal Necasek says:

    I don’t have any of the DevCon 9 media, and also don’t have the updated CD 3 ISO. The FP17 CD would be interesting only for historical completeness, it’s not hard to find elsewhere (but if I had it I’d scan and upload it).

  3. Andreas Kohl says:

    Všetko v poriadku. Mám tiež otázky číslo 11 a 12SE.

    DC9 (OS/2 Disc 1-4): 25H7543, 25H7544, 25H7545, 25H7546
    DC9 (LAN Disc 1-2): 25H7547, 25H7548
    DC9SE (OS/2 Disc 3, 4): 25H7677, 25H7678
    Warp XR_W017: 28H0521
    (celkovo 4,5 GB)

  4. Michal Necasek says:

    Please no Google Translate, or whatever it was. I can read Slovak but this is really hard to decipher 🙂 (but the part numbers are clear, and that’s what really counts)

  5. Nathan Anderson says:

    *waves* Hey again! Long time no talk. Glad to see the site is back.

    I believe I supplied you with ISO rips of DevCon 11 (+ the exclusive “for Windows” edition of Warp 4 included with DevCon 11) waaaay back in 2013 (according to e-mail archives at least), and rips of all of the non-SE DevCon 9 discs almost exactly 2 years ago. It looks like DevCon 9 “SE” consists of replacement discs for #3 and #4, neither of which I have, and you already had a rip of #4. So SE#3 is the only remaining disc missing.

    I am pretty darn sure I have a complete DevCon 12 set (both original + the replacement “Java & Internet Tools” disc that 12SE consists of), so I’m surprised both that you didn’t ask for it and/or that I didn’t offer it. Feel free to reach out to me by e-mail again and I’ll see what I can do…

    P.S. — I don’t know the specifics of the hard time you had, and the new protections look like they’d be pretty effective, but next time you run into spam problems, maybe instead of taking down the entire site, you could leave it (as well as all valid past comments) up but just remove the post/reply form at the bottom of each page?

  6. Michal Necasek says:

    We’ll see how long the site stays up after the “slashdotting”. I really did not need that right now.

    Removing the ability to post comments is ridiculously difficult in WordPress — it’s not nearly as simple as it ought to be. The other problem is just the general bot/content scraper/whatever sketchy traffic, which simply eats bandwidth and CPU cycles. It’s a rough Internet out there.

    I do have the ISOs from you, and now the reissued DC9 CD3 thanks to another reader. But would you be able to scan the media? I’m actually almost sure I sent you an e-mail a week or three ago.

  7. MiaM says:

    Side track re the site being down and so on:

    I’m following the site using the RSS feed for comments. (In theory I’d miss a post if noone would comment, but that seems to never happen). I had to change from RSS to ATOM as the RSS feed seems to be stuck at the last comments before the site went down. Perhaps something got screwed up with WordPress? (This doesen’t matter for me, but there might be more than me who stumbled upon this problem and they might not find a solution)

  8. Nathan Anderson says:

    I definitely had not seen an e-mail from you. But I just went spelunking through my cloud spam filter service’s quarantine, and sure enough, you had sent me an e-mail on the 6th and it got waylaid there. Thanks for heads-up…I almost never look through that quarantine & messages older than 30 days get “disappeared” from there.

    I will dig out my Vol 12 and see what it consists of. I will also see what I can do about scanning images of the CDs @ 600dpi. Regarding your uncertainty about how complete your Vol 11 set is, though, I’m actually fairly certain the only thing you’re missing is a 100% error-free rip of the AIX CD. Vol 11 had no LAN discs (all LAN-related stuff got folded into the discs for the respective platform…so OS/2 LAN stuff on the OS/2 discs and AIX LAN stuff on the AIX disc…see linked from, and Vol 12 is the first set that had a Windows platform disc. So I’m not sure what else you think you might be missing…I will attempt to confirm, though.

  9. Michal Necasek says:

    Yes, I know the RSS feed is broken (not updating). Have not yet figured out why.

  10. Michal Necasek says:

    I have the same problem with e-mails sometimes getting lost in the spam folder… oh well.

    Thanks for the info about DC 11. I probably knew that at one point, but forgot; it does not help that DC10/11/12 all have significantly different structure. Scans would be great for sure, see what’s on now for what I did with the DevCon releases where I have the physical media. All I need is raw scans, I can do any conversion/straightening/adjustments.

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