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Complications, Complications

The other day someone asked how hard it would be to modify the Open Watcom linker, wlink, to properly support exports from IOPL segments in OS/2 LX modules. Not terribly hard it turned out, all it needed was to emit … Continue reading

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OS/2 1.3 on a “Large” Disk

In response to a reader question, I started wondering how difficult it actually is to install OS/2 1.3 on a “big” hard disk, where “big” is defined as more than about 500 MB. In an attempt to reduce the number … Continue reading

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MS OS/2 SDK Document Dump

The Microsoft OS/2 1.0 SDK library section got a big fat update. Over the holidays I managed to finalize and upload about 25 PDFs, some of which have been lying on my NAS in 98% completed state for almost 10 … Continue reading

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LAN Manager Product Specification, 1987

Now available is the preliminary yet fairly complete product specification for the LAN Manager server and workstation from October 14, 1987. This document was available to developers months before any pre-release LAN manager code, and about a year before any … Continue reading

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PowerPC Archival

For the 0.7 persons out there who have a working IBM Power Series desktop but not OS/2, here’s the first and final release of OS/2 for the PowerPC, from December 1995, as well as a beta plus cross-development SDK from … Continue reading

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Same Old Disk Bug

After I Kryofluxed my MS OS/2 SDK 1.01 disks, I once again tried installing the OS in a VM. While the system booted up fine, it stubbornly refused to get past FORMAT. At the end, after going through all the … Continue reading

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Microsoft OS/2 Programmer’s Guide

For once, the OS/2 Museum lives up to its name… After a long pause, a new document from the MS OS/2 SDK has been uploaded. It’s the pre-release Microsoft Operating System/2 Programmer’s Guide from April 1987. This document was part … Continue reading

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1988 Networking: NetWare OS/2 Requester

A while ago, the question of antique NetWare OS/2 requesters came up. The oldest known surviving NetWare OS/2 Requester is version 1.2, which is designed to work with OS/2 1.2. There are clear mentions of older requesters supporting OS/2 1.1 … Continue reading

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Ancient NetWare OS/2 Requesters?

Quite a while ago there was a discussion on this site about NetWare support for OS/2 versions prior to 1.3. Finding reliable information is difficult, especially when one doesn’t know exactly what to look for. Spurred by the discovery of … Continue reading

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OS/2 2.0, Spring ’91 Edition

Thanks to a generous reader, a curiously nondescript box labeled “OS/2 32-Bit Pre-release” recently turned up at the OS/2 Museum. The box looks very much like retail IBM products from the early 1990s, but has no identifying description except for … Continue reading

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