The Carolina Mystery

PowerPC 604

IBM PowerPC 604 CPU found on a Carolina system board, FRU 12H0818.

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3 Responses to PowerPC 604

  1. r.stricklin says:

    I see a couple of your jumpers are set differently compared to the ones on my 132 MHz board. Fancy an experiment?

    I’ve got jumpers on J26 set opposite yours (across the other two pairs of pins, furthest from the CPU), plus J12 jumper closest to CPU, unjumpered, jumpered, unjumpered, jumpered, unjumpered (moving away from the CPU). They don’t move with the 166 MHz 604e upgrade fitted, but a VRM daughterboard with its own 66 MHz clock crystal gets plugged into J14, which probably explains that.

  2. Michal Necasek says:

    I’m probably just slow today, but what is the proposed experiment?

  3. r.stricklin says:

    Uh… I forgot.

    I wonder if I was going to suggest trying to switch your jumpers to match mine, to see if your board would start running at 132 MHz.

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