NT video miniport HD

High resolution NT 3.50

Windows NT 3.50 running in 1680×1050 resolution using the video miniport driver for VirtualBox.

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2 Responses to High resolution NT 3.50

  1. bearwindows says:

    Hi, Michal!

    I’ve also made such driver for Windows NT/9x “line” (mostly in 2005-2010), but based on VESA 2.0/3.0 standard. Feel free to ask any questions related to it. 🙂
    p.s. Did you see this stuff: http://www.members.aon.at/mcabase/xga208.htm ?

  2. Michal Necasek says:

    I’m familiar with your drivers… nice work. Good for physical boxes because the driver uses VBE so it runs more or less anywhere…, not so great for my purposes because it uses VBE so the available resolutions are limited. I might have some questions in the future though!

    I’ve come across the XGA miniport as well. Not used it myself because I don’t currently have any system with a XGA running NT.

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